The Humming Man

My story

HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD? If we turn the letter " i " upside down becomes an exclamation "!"  In English two very concrete expressions of time and space such as NOW and HERE combined together becomes NO WHERE. H!H I is not a secret formula, it is a process. I am a creative person and founder of Humming in Harmony, an emerging social enterprise.

When I was about 5 years old my teacher wrote, in a school report, that I was curious, sensitive and aspirational.  Empathy has been a constant in my life but it wasn't until relatively recently, particularly in the last four years, when I became aware that there is a bigger picture.  During times of life struggle including financial, family, housing and so on, which led to mental health problems, my mechanism of survival shifted from a victim state of mind to that of an activist who began to raise social consciousness for change. 

I am a musician. Bach was my doctor and over time I became my own healer. I started to develop a new form of mindfulness based on the simple and yet profound act of humming starting from listening music that had an emotional meaning to me . I was fascinated by the healing power of interconnection as I started sharing humming with others as a communal experience via workshops, wellbeing concerts, public speaking, flashmobs and more to come as it continues organically.

Another life crisis hit a year ago (2018)at the point of diagnosed with prostate cancer, added to a long term congenital heart condition (luckily non-symptomatic).  I used humming to reconnect with my body, to acknowledge that my attitude towards cancer started by establishing a constructive relationship with my cells, body and emotions. I just followed my intuition and this art is a consequence of spending quality time with myself. 

I started expressing myself through drawing. It was the best way I could find to cope with the emotional stress of the illness. (at least immediate as creating and performing music takes time - unlike humming which is also immediate- ) I started humming to my prostate as I immersed myself starting to draw with no clear idea in my head. Sometimes it was just a feeling or a simple thought but the idea of starting and finishing in one day was liberating. These drawings are real expression of my own inner world and how I dealt with the anxiety associated to cancer in a genuine and personal way. 

This is my story of healing  During the radiotherapy sessions I used to bring my drawing pen to the hospital and then coloured at home with no intention other than being at peace in the moment. After finishing the first series of 21 drawings I looked back and realised that matching the number of drawings to the master sequence used as a harmonic mantraI created for my workshops, everything started to make sense.

I also realised that encouraging others to do the same me to open up conversations. This platform brings these private drawings to a wider audience as you can cuddle a cushion or wear a T-shirt to make you feel good. 

The private experience of humming with the robotic radiotherapy machine, together with the intimate act of drawing was liberating.  I am building the foundations for a new concept of connecting music, health and wellbeing which will benefit many people around the world struggling with mental health problems. 

Welcome to my H!H Humming in Harmony online shop 

Whilst I keep working towards finding the scientific evidence to measure its potential health impact, I am already receiving  the encouragement from participants in my workshops to continue what I do.

The words of encouragement, include Lorella, a patient with a brain tumour unaware of it at the time but who always used humming in her recovery process and has been an immense source of support through this initial development stage. This is her testimony. You can listen to more testimonies here

Polyphonic Humming is a social and mindful practise  aiming to promote social competences for our emotional wellbeing, better collaboration, communication and creativity where the focus is the vocal sound, vibration and the resonance within the physical space. By listening to oneself and others simultaneously we develop self-awareness and sensing emotions without relying on words.  Humming is a primal sound accessible to us all. 

Technology plays an important role in our society and as part of the future development of H!H involves the creation of a new sound based mindfulness app

Reaching out This online shop is just one of strategies to engage in conversation with other customers and will awareness of the value of art and community. Check out my website and youtube channel to keep up to date with future developments. 

The world needs harmony and true altruism to survive and thrive. We are vibration and if we find ways of connecting empathically with our bodies, environment and with other human beings we are a long way towards peace, healing and happiness.. We are social beings and therefore we thrive for a sense of connection and meaning in our relationships. 

This is why I am so passionate about Empathy as you can see from this presentation. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site, and for becoming part of a collective journey for peace.  

Further information 

Feel free to drop me a line. You can contact me by email on info(at)humminginharmony(dot)com